Masters Introduction

As a Freemason and a member of Woodcote Lodge, it is a welcome event to have you view our website.

Curiosity about Freemasonry is natural; it has different facets and gives different things to each individual member, depending on what you wish to put into it and what you wish to take from it.

At the heart of Freemasonry is friendship; a way to develop as an individual; and a general desire to do good where you are able to.

It is essential to understand that without having fun, there would be little point to what is written above. Freemasons are normal people drawn from all facets of society who bring different things to Freemasonry. We do normal things; football; rugby; the pub; dinners; weekends away: we visit other Lodges, including going abroad. And have a spread of ages.

You have to be a minimum of 21 years of age to be a Freemason; to be of good character and to not have a criminal record.

If you’re interested, give us a call and we can talk about Freemasonry to see if it interests you.

We are fortunate to have loyal full members who live overseas, but regularly visit us throughout the year.  We hope this site makes those members feel a little closer to their friends in Woodcote Lodge

W.Bro, Ian Holloway, PPAGDC  W Master 2024